Breast Implants Not a Cause of Cancer

Posted on October 21, 2008 | by

A Florida plastic surgeon recently described the status of modern breast cancer treatments and the efforts of the medical community to minimize its adverse effects through reconstruction and prevention.

Dr. Richard Bosshardt writes that society’s recognition of the breast is an ancient phenomenon since historically, many people have viewed them as symbolic of “femininity and desirability.” In light of this observation, it isn’t difficult to understand why the possibility of breast removal or disfigurement can be so frightening.

Many women know to focus on prevention and are aware of the breast cancer statistics, but aren’t informed about positive developments on the horizon. New information shared by Dr. Bosshardt in the Orlando Sentinel suggests that ‘genetic markers’ have become excellent risk indicators, narrowing the search for a definite cause. Breast implants, bras and high-fat diets have not been shown to increase the risk of cancer.

And finally, doctors have begun practicing “breast conservation” rather than outright breast removal. Reconstruction has become more sophisticated than ever and patients often look better as an end result.