Men and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Posted on October 13, 2012 | by

A post on Medscape recently provided an overview of what changes men face as they get older, as well as the cosmetic procedures they are turning to.

While men don’t have to go through the same hormonal changes as women while they age, the changes in their appearance men face still can have negative psychological effects.

According to the post, many men are putting forth a lot of energy, time and money to maintain their youthful appearance. Many men are turning to cosmetic procedures as a result of increased access to for affordable, less invasive procedures.

The procedures men are turning to include:

Men in Their Fourth Decade

Men in their 40s are turning to Botox because of the loss of skin elasticity in their face. Another procedure popular with men in this age is eyelid surgery. This procedure is discrete and helps make a man look younger without announcing to the world that they underwent a cosmetic procedure.

50+ Men

In addition to the Botox and the eyelid procedures, men in their 50s and older seek out procedures for their “jowls.” The “jowls” form because of skin accumulation along a man’s jawline and neck. This problem can be reduced through face lifts and neck lifts.

A well planned, realistic approach to what results to expect will help bring about the best results.

Factors such as weight fluctuation, sun exposure, recreational drug use, and smoking all have a negative impact on the appearance of a man as he ages. Other factors such as lifestyle and overall health should be discussed with a doctor before undergoing any procedure.

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