Get the results you want & deserve

If you have already had breast augmentation, and you need or desire changes to your breasts, we can help. Breast revision surgery is highly individualized, and we understand that no two patients have the exact same reasons for considering a revision.

Revisionary surgery can be simple or relatively extensive. Dr. Samaha has over 20 years of experience performing cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, and he will listen carefully to your needs.

If your goals have changed …

From time to time, patients change their preferences and decide to alter some aspect of their breast implants. Dr. Samaha will be happy to discuss your options if you would like to consider breast augmentation revision for the following reasons:

  • Change in breast implant size
  • Switch implant type (saline to silicone)
  • Surgery to revise a scar
  • Need for a subsequent breast lift
  • Breast implant removal

If you need to correct problems with your current breast implants …

Although breast augmentation is and continues to be one of the most satisfying cosmetic surgeries, problems can arise that may prompt a revisionary surgery procedure or breast implant removal. Problems that have been documented include the following:

  • Capsular contracture
  • Rippling
  • Deflation
  • Displacement
  • Infection
  • Asymmetry
  • Breast or nipple droop
  • Symmastia

Breast Implant Replacement vs. Removal

Whether or not you desire to replace your implants is up to you. Most patients choose to have new implants placed, and on occasion may choose to have their original implants replaced following revision of the breast tissue. If you choose to have your implants removed permanently, you may need to consider an additional procedure to help you maintain a natural and aesthetically pleasing breast shape.

Dr. Samaha consistently seeks to mitigate the negative consequences of procedures like breast implant removal. Performing a breast lift is one available option that can help patients maintain an attractive breast shape. If you’ve experienced implant deflation or a problem with your breast implants, contact Boston Plastic Surgery right away.