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When the size and contour of a person’s facial features complement one another, we tend to notice a naturally attractive face. However, if one of these features seems out of balance, this can alter facial harmony. Chin implants can help to add structure to a weak or receding chin or jaw, bringing your features back into proportion and improving your overall appearance. At Boston Plastic Surgery, we have 3-D simulation tools that can give our patients a pretty good idea of the anticipated results after chin augmentation.

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What changes can I make with chin implants?

  • Add structure to a receding chin
  • Bring facial features into more natural balance
  • Define the jawline & refine the neckline
  • Enhance the results of a facelift or neck contouring

What are facial implants made from?

Chin implants are made from different materials, depending on the manufacturer and the specific product. Dr. Samaha typically uses implants made from a safe, biocompatible composite that is more easily integrated with your own tissues.

Dr. Samaha will recommend the size and shape of implant that best fits your facial features and will achieve your desired results. Facial implants are intended to be permanent and will blend in naturally with your facial structures.

Can chin implants help me improve my appearance?

The general goal of chin augmentation is to provide aesthetically pleasing balance to your chin and facial features so that you feel better about the way you look. As the size of the chin may alter the balance or proportions of the face, many patients combine chin implant surgery with injectable fillers to achieve optimal facial harmony.

Chin Augmentation Surgery & Aftercare

Dr. Samaha performs chin implant surgery using either local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. Through a short incision under the chin, your surgeon will place your pre-selected chin implant directly around your existing chin bone, secured and fixed over the front of the jawbone. The incision under the chin is preferred, as it is considered generally safer.

After chin augmentation, the chin is sometimes taped to minimize swelling and discomfort. Sutures in the skin are removed in five to seven days unless absorbable sutures are used.  While you will need to avoid strenuous activity for a few weeks, most patients return to work after just a few days following chin augmentation surgery. To find out more, ready our chin implant post-operative instructions.

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