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A breast lift is a popular procedure in Boston for women after pregnancy, weight loss, or at any time in life to restore shape and firmness to stretched, sagging breasts. Having firm, shapely breasts can do more than enhance your curves, it can boost your confidence too.

What can a breast lift help me correct?

  • Your breasts will have more youthful firmness and perkiness
  • Bras will fit more comfortably and give proper support
  • An improved breast profile can help you feel more confident in your appearance
  • Eliminating stretched, excess skin can help improve breast symmetry

Will I need breast implants too?

This is a personal decision, and the answer depends on your goals for your appearance as well as the amount of volume that may need to be restored to achieve aesthetically pleasing results. The need for a plastic surgeon with extensive experience with this complex issue cannot be overemphasized.

Dr. Samaha will listen to your goals and help you achieve them with the appropriate technique and will advise you on the pros and cons of using an implant. The decision on whether to use an implant with a breast lift, or instead of a breast lift, needs to be made after very careful consideration. Learn more about breast lift with augmentation»

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How is breast lift done at Boston Plastic Surgery?

With the patient under sedation or general anesthesia, excess breast tissue is removed to reshape the breast. If the skin has become less elastic, excess skin is removed and the nipple and areola are positioned higher, tightening the surrounding skin. If necessary, a breast lift can also reduce the size of the areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipple).

Since the cause of laxity can be a “deflation” of breast volume, such as after pregnancy, some patients choose to undergo breast augmentation at the same time with saline or silicone implants.

The degree of each patient’s breast droop is measured by comparing the nipple position with the breast crease. Additional measurements help determine the location and degree of excessive tissue laxity, in order to decide on the type of mastopexy to be performed.

There are four types of incisions our experienced plastic surgeons use for breast lift surgery:

  • Concentric incisions around the areola. This “hides” the scar at the areolar border, and is known as a circumareolar mastopexy.
  • An incision around the areola with another incision down the front of the breast beneath the areola to the fold of the breast (inframammary fold). This is a full mastopexy using a vertical scar, sometimes known as a “lollipop” scar.
  • An incision around the areola with another incision down the front of the breast beneath the areola to the fold, and horizontally along the fold of the breast. This traditional technique results in an “anchor” configuration.
  • We use a special incision pattern for some of our patients with a large amount of excessive skin. This technique was developed here in Boston and involves a curvy line near the breast fold and no vertical incision.

Am I a good candidate for cosmetic surgery?

Speaking with a board certified plastic surgeon is the only way to determine if a procedure is right for you, but there are some general criteria that must be met for cosmetic surgery to be performed safely and successfully.

  • I am in overall good health.
  • I do not have any underlying conditions that will impact healing.
  • I am a non-smoker or willing to quit at least a month before surgery.
  • I have reasonable expectations about my results.

If these statements do not apply to you, you may not be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery.

What is the recovery period like for a Boston breast lift?

Typically, the immediate post-operative period is not associated with a lot of pain. Moderate discomfort is more the norm during breast lift recovery. Patients typically return to work or normal daily activity after 1-2 weeks, depending on their requirements at work or at home. Swelling decreases during post-operative recovery and the lines on the breasts from the incisions will fade over time.

Are there risks and complications to a breast lift surgery?

As with many plastic surgery procedures, a decision needs to be made whether to accept the incisions and scars from a breast lift as a tradeoff for better contour. One of the risks of this type of surgery is the occasional separation of the suture line, resulting in some delay in healing, and sometimes resulting in scars that are less acceptable and that may need revision. There are considerations of adequate circulation as the nipple and areola are “shifted” to their new position, but this is a rare complication.

How long will my Boston breast lift the results last?

The length of time that the results will be pleasing will depend on many factors, including: the integrity of the skin, the weight of the breast, and the technique used, among others. This is an “anti-gravity” procedure, and we all know that gravity is always at work. Some people get many years of improvement after a breast lift. Adequate breast support is also helpful after surgery in order to avoid excessive stretching of the tissues.

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