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Having a breast lift at the same time as augmentation is a very popular option for our patients, particularly for post-pregnancy moms as part of a mommy makeover, or for women who have lost significant weight and would like to restore a more youthful, natural breast profile with only one surgery and recovery.

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What improvements can a breast lift with augmentation make?

  • Restore fullness and perkiness to breasts that seem “deflated”
  • Improve symmetry between the breasts
  • Help bras, swimsuits and clothing fit more attractively
  • Balance the upper & lower body to enhance overall proportions

How do I know if I need a breast lift too?

This is a very common question with our breast augmentation patients. We take measurements and we evaluate the position of the nipple as it relates to the breast fold to help determine whether some type of lift is needed. Dr. Samaha may recommend a breast lift at the same time as augmentation in the following situations:

  • If a significant amount of sagging has occurred; typically with the nipple resting below the natural crease underneath the breast
  • If you have excess, stretched skin that cannot adequately support a breast implant
  • If our surgeons feel they cannot create an aesthetically pleasing, natural result with implants alone

About Breast Lift with Augmentation Surgery

A combined procedure (augmentation-mastopexy) can be done, or a subsequent surgery procedure can be performed at a later date. These combined procedures require careful planning and decision-making. Due to their technical complexity, a highly proficient plastic surgeon is recommended. Dr. Samaha has extensive experience in planning and performing these procedures.

Breast lift with augmentation is typically performed at our fully accredited, private surgery center. The procedure takes approximately 1-2 hours to perform, and you will be kept comfortable under general anesthesia administered by a board certified, physician anesthesiologist.

Our surgeons will make the minimum number of incisions necessary to achieve your desired breast shape after surgery, depending on the degree of sagging to be corrected:

  •  A peri-areolar incision provides a “nipple lift,” and corrects minor sagging
  • A circumvertical, or “lollipop” incision, may be necessary for more severe sagging, and involves an incision around the areola and vertically down to the breast crease

Dr. Samaha will the remove excess skin and reshape the breast tissue before inserting the breast implants you chose during your sizing and shaping session. After a brief recovery period, you will be able to go home the same day of surgery.

Breast Lift with Augmentation Aftercare

Most patients return to work after about a week following a breast lift with augmentation, depending on the nature of their jobs. You will be sore for a few days, but discomfort is typically managed easily with pain medication. You will have to refrain from heavier lifting for a few weeks, so if you have small children, you will likely need additional help with childcare during your initial recovery period.

You can help to ensure that your results look their best for years to come by taking care of your breasts. Wear a supportive bra whenever possible, especially while exercising. Your scars should fade significantly over the first year; honoring your post-operative instructions can help you ensure scars heal flat so they remain as inconspicuous as possible.

Dr. Samaha and our staff will gladly discuss any questions you have about the procedure and recovery during a personal consultation.

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