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Microneedling: A Safe, Comfortable, & Customizable Treatment For Your Skin

Very few are born with naturally flawless skin—and as one of the first things people notice about you, it can be hard to feel confident if you’re concerned with the health and appearance of your skin. Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment that has been helping people achieve healthier, more beautiful skin for many years, and we are now offering advanced microneedling technology: Rejuvapen™.

Offering long-lasting and beautiful results for your skin, Rejuvapen takes microneedling to the next level with less discomfort, more efficacy, and versatile treatment.


Boston Microneedling Treatments: Everything You Need to Know

How does collagen induction therapy work?

Microneedling skin therapy , also known as “collagen induction therapy” works by naturally triggering the skin’s production of new fibroblasts, monocytes, and keratinocytes to release collagen and elastin to strengthen and improve the skin. This process is started when extremely fine needles puncture the skin, creating a controlled micro-injury in the dermis and epidermis that prompts your body to begin the healing process. Thousands of these tiny micro-punctures are created in the skin, triggering healthy skin cells to replace damaged cells, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and leave your skin smoother, brighter, and healthier.

In addition to giving your skin an all-over improved appearance, microneedling can treat a variety of skin concerns, including:

  • Visible signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage and sun spots
  • Acne scars or scarring from chicken pox or surgery
  • Stretch marks

Depending on your skin needs and the severity of your concerns, microneedling may be combined with other skin resurfacing treatments to provide more dramatic results.


What’s the difference between Rejuvapen and other microneedling treatments?

Most microneedling skin treatments use a derma-roller to trigger the skin’s natural repairing process. The Rejuvapen, however, is a motorized device that allows our experienced aestheticians to fully control and customize your Boston microneedling treatment, depending on your skin and desired results. Needle depth can be adjusted depending on the severity of the issue being treated and where the procedure is required, and the unique design of the Rejuvapen allows it to access hard-to-reach areas of the face. An adjustable speed dial also provides more control.

Traditional dermal rollers tug at the skin, increasing the risk of tearing, discomfort, and infection. Rejuvapen is specially designed to provide safe treatment, with needles placed in an up and down motion perpendicular to your skin to improve comfort and results.

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What can I expect during a Rejuvapen microneedling treatment at Boston Plastic Surgery?

The first step of any cosmetic procedure is to have an evaluation and consultation. When you meet with one of our highly trained skincare experts at our Skin Wellness Center in Boston, you will have the opportunity to explore your options and hear expert recommendations for your specific skin type and concerns. If we determine that Rejuvapen is a good option for you, we will show you to a comfortable, private treatment room to get started.

Before treatment, we will cleanse and prepare your skin to minimize the risk of infection. Because Rejuvapen creates micro-channels in the skin, topical solutions may also be used in conjunction with treatment to enhance your results. Hyaluronic acid, vitamin e, or growth factors are commonly used.

We will slowly pass the pen device over your skin in a circular motion to ensure optimal coverage and treatment. Treatment with Rejuvapen is relatively comfortable, with most of our patients reporting no more than a very slight pressure or the occasional, brief stinging sensation. After your procedure, you may experience slight swelling and redness, though these symptoms should resolve in a day or so. It’s important to protect your skin for the first few days by keeping your skin moisturized and using SPF.

How can a microneedling treatment improve my skin?

With a Rejuvapen microneedling Boston treatment, you can experience tightening, lifting, and rejuvenation of skin. Virtually anywhere can be treated, though most of our patients see the best results from microneedling on the skin of their:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Decolletage
  • Hands

Microneedling helps to boost your collagen and elastin production, improving skin structure, support, and elasticity. This can diminish fine lines and wrinkles, minimize pores, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, acne scars, and keloid scarring.

How long does it take to see results after a microneedling treatment?

Our patients often begin to see results from microneedling within a few days following their procedure. You can expect to see optimal skin rejuvenation after several months of continued care as your skin’s natural healing process takes place and collagen and elastin production increases. For this reason, we often recommend a series of treatments depending on your unique skin care needs.

How long do microneedling results last?

While microneedling can improve your overall skin tone and texture, the results are not permanent, though the lightening of a variety of scars–like acne scars, surgical scars and stretch marks–may be. To help maintain results and see continued improvement from microneedling treatments, we’ll recommend a skin care plan for continued sessions based on your skin goals.

How much does Boston microneedling cost?

The exact cost of microneedling depends on the number of treatment sessions required, which varies depending on each patient’s individual needs. This need is determined at your initial evaluation and consultation at our premier Boston Skin Wellness Center.

What professional skin care products pair well with microneedling?

Patients can achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin by combining a Rejuvapen microneedling treatment plan with at-home skin regimen using the highest quality facial skin care products. We are proud to offer our patients the tools and expertise to achieve safe and noticeable results at the Skin Wellness Center at Boston Plastic Surgery, where we carry  ZO® Skin Health medical-grade skin products and UltaMD sun protection.

Of course, while the products you choose will have an effect on your aesthetic results, it’s equally important to choose a highly qualified aesthetics provider who will make the best treatment choices for your unique skin profile and goals. With a medical-grade skin product, rejuvenation, skin tightening, skin firming, fewer wrinkles and smoother texture awaits!

What other aesthetic treatments and procedures pair well with microneedling?

Rejuvapen microneedling is an ideal complement to other non-surgical facial treatments to boost collagen and restore youth and vitality. Dr. Samaha and his experienced staff of licensed Aestheticians and Aesthetic Nurse Specialists look forward to creating a custom medical spa skin care program just for you.

We offer a variety of non-surgical procedures- microneedling is just the beginning! Our expansive menu of anti-aging skin care services includes everything from injectable dermal fillerschemical peels , photofacials, radiofrequency skin tightening, microdermabrasion to laser skin rejuvenation and hair removal.  These can all complement the effects of microneedling, especially in conjunction with a dedicated at-home skin care regimen.

Through our menu of cosmetic services we can treat a wide range of facial skin conditions, including acne, rosacea, lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, loose skin, uneven skin tone, uneven texture, scarring, unwanted hair, and more. We look forward to discussing your options during a personal and complimentary skin evaluation where we can recommend the perfect longterm treatment plan to repair, renew, restore and maintain your appearance.

Of course, the rest of your body may need a refresh too. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Fouad Samaha has expertise in the most popular cosmetic procedures including surgical facelift, neck lift, arm lift, liposuction, breast augmentation, and so much more. Check out the before and after results of his many happy patients!

To learn about all of your Boston aesthetic options, schedule your consultation with us today. We look forward to partnering with you to understand your larger cosmetic goals and to help you find and achieve them with safe and proven procedures.


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