Refine Your Natural & Unique Beauty

Dr. Samaha approaches facial rejuvenation with a goal to enhance what you love about you. Whether you wish to restore a naturally youthful appearance or refine your facial features, we will listen to your goals and help you understand your options to achieve them. We invite you to learn more about your options below.

Botox & Fillers

For facial wrinkles and age-related volume loss, injectables can quickly & effectively help you look naturally younger and refreshed. Convenient and economical, results last for months and are maintained easily with an occasional visit to our office.

Facelift & Neck Lift

Are you bothered by heavy jowls and sagging skin on your neck? A facelift is designed to address these very problems. By surgically repositioning the underlying facial tissues and removing excess, sagging skin, a facelift can help you take years off your appearance. It’s often combined with a neck lift to tighten loose muscles and restore a smooth, graceful neckline.

Eyelid Surgery

Are you tired of looking tired all the time? Eyelid surgery can restore a more open, refreshed appearance to your eyes, removing sagging skin from the upper eyelids or smoothing puffiness underneath your eyes. We  also specialize in ethnic eyelid surgery techniques, taking care to retain a patient’s natural characteristics.

Forehead Lift

A sagging, furrowed brow is a common cause of a constantly concerned or angry appearance. By repositioning the underlying tissues and muscles, a forehead lift can restore a naturally refreshed, vibrant appearance to your upper face.

Chin Augmentation

All of a person’s facial features work together to create facial harmony, a hallmark of a naturally attractive face. If you feel your chin is out of balance with the rest of your features, custom fit facial implants can provide a permanent solution.

Ear Pinning

Otoplasty is a procedure that sets back protruding ears or reshapes overly large ears, bringing them into better balance with the rest of your face. We perform a customized ear pinning procedure after a careful analysis of each patient’s features.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration

We’re thrilled to offer patients a game-changing hair transplant technology: the NeoGraft automated follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant system. It’s the first minimally invasive procedure of its kind, and it can help restore natural-looking hair with a gentle procedure and minimal downtime—without a large linear scar.

Kybella Injections

Now we can help reduce fat under the chin without surgery! Kybella is a new, FDA approved injectable that dissolves individual fat cells. In as little as three treatments, Kybella can help you diminish a double chin and achieve a slimmer, more refined neckline.