Dr. Samaha uses the Keller Funnel for Silicone Breast Augmentation

Keller Funnel Certification Seal
If you’re getting silicone gel implants, they will come pre-filled to the volume that you selected during your personal shaping & sizing session. This is great news, because you can feel confident that your new breast size will meet your expectations.

But having pre-filled implants also presents a unique challenge: how can your implant be placed without making a large incision? Dr. Samaha’s goal is always to make the smallest possible incision—and resulting scar—during breast augmentation. That is why he uses the Keller Funnel, a patented device that helps ensure optimal safety and beautiful results.

How does the Keller Funnel improve the breast augmentation procedure?

Reduce incision lengths

Using the Keller Funnel™ enables Dr. Samaha to make smaller incisions, similar to those used for saline implants.

Increase your options for incision placement

Easier insertion through smaller openings offers more opportunities to conceal the incisions. This is especially useful for women who may scar easily.

Minimize the potential for implant damage

According to an engineering study conducted by Keller Medical, Inc., the Keller Funnel™ uses less force than traditional implant delivery methods. Less force means less stress on the implant shell, which reduces both short- and long-term complications associated with mishandled implants. Learn more about the Keller Funnel on their website»