Gain a Strong, Masculine Profile

Chin augmentation surgery is a straightforward, fairly quick procedure that can make a major difference in your appearance. By balancing the facial features, chin augmentation can turn a “weak chin” into a more attractive jaw line and boost the masculinity of the face. 

What are chin implants made of?

Chin implants are made from a variety of different materials, depending on the manufacturer and the specific product. Dr. Samaha typically uses implants made of a safe, biocompatible silicone to mold a sharp, natural look. Implants are made out of both solid and semi-solid materials that have been used successfully for years for both medical and cosmetic procedures.

Chin implants come in various shapes and sizes for a personalized fit based on individual facial structure and patient goals. Dr. Samaha will work closely with you to find the option that works best to meet your goals and suit your appearance, ensuring you will be happy with your results after surgery.

What To Expect From Surgery

Chin augmentation is usually performed under local anesthesia with sedation or under general anesthesia. To begin your surgery, Dr. Samaha will make an incision either just under the chin in the natural crease line or inside the mouth behind the lower lip.  Gently stretching the tissue, Dr. Samaha will then make space to insert the implant through the incision and affix it in place using special screws. Once the chin implant is in the appropriate position and desired results have been achieved, Dr. Samaha will close the incision and cover it with surgical dressings.

Surgery typically lasts less than one hour and is commonly performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty and facelifts to achieve full facial balance.

Will there be scarring?

Chin augmentation results in little to no visible scarring, depending on which incision Dr. Samaha chooses. A chin incision is minimally visible, while an incision in the mouth would have no noticeable scarring.

Other than a new, stronger chin, your procedure should leave you with no overt physical reminders of surgery.

Chin Augmentation Aftercare

When you leave Dr. Samaha’s care, you will need transportation and help around the home for a short period of time. You may experience some discomfort or swelling, but Dr. Samaha will explain how to control these effects and will give you specific aftercare instructions to follow. If an incision was made inside your mouth, Dr. Samaha will explain a good oral hygiene routine to ensure the incision is kept clean and heals properly.

Once any swelling has dissipated and the sutures have been removed, you can experience the full transformative effect of your chin augmentation at Boston Plastic Surgery. Your chin should appear more prominent and in harmony with your other facial features.

To set up a consultation to learn if a chin augmentation is right for you, contact us today.