Surgeons and Other Professionals Adjust Hours for Busy Clients

Posted on November 24, 2010 | by

A recent New York Times article explores the topic of after-hours beauty services in urban areas, with commentary from dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and other professionals who have been adjusting their schedules to accommodate clients.

“In most major cities, if you want pad Thai or a sweater dry-cleaned when most people are sleeping, there’s someone who will take care of it,” writes Times columnist Kayleen Schaefer.  “These days, the same is true of beauty treatments,” she adds.

When it comes to simple aesthetic treatments, it’s not necessary to be open and available 24 hours a day, but many plastic surgeons do offer expanded hours on certain days.

At Boston Plastic Surgery, we realize that time pressures on our patients have never been greater. We are always aware of how busy everyone’s schedule is. We have succeeded with our efforts to maintain an excellent on-time performance with our appointments, and we work individually with each patient to accommodate their schedule whenever possible.

If you have questions about office hours at Boston Plastic Surgery, contact us by phone or email.