Dermfit Skin Fitness Program
Boston Plastic Surgery Dermfit Skin Fitness Program

The Dermfit Purpose

Unlock Your Fittest Skin with Dermfit Skin Fitness

Dermfit is a boutique skin fitness program developed to help patients realize their fittest skin potential for healthy and confident aging. 

What is Dermfit Skin Fitness?

Our Dermfit Skin Fitness program is rooted in foundational skin health principles. We use clinically-proven active ingredients, cutting-edge skin procedures, and optional injectables to preserve, restore, and condition the skin to achieve optimal skin health.

Dermfit also takes an active approach to skin wellness—think of it as a gym membership for your skin! Just like an effective exercise routine, consistency and personalization are key to seeing faster, longer-lasting, and more significant results. Physical fitness doesn’t happen in just one day. Similarly, skin heath preservation and restoration requires a commitment to a well thought out plan catered to your unique needs and lifestyle. Through a partnership with your skin fitness coach, your customized Dermfit program removes all the guesswork in finding the right treatments and products you need for healthy and confident aging. This saves you time and money! Say goodbye to skincare gimmicks and fads.

The effects of Dermfit are cumulative. You’ll notice steady improvements in your skin’s health and appearance each month as long-term use of professional products and procedures comprehensively treat skin concerns and promote optimal skin revitalization. And because the Dermfit membership program improves your skin’s overall condition, both surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation results will be easier to preserve and maintain for years to come.

Membership Benefits: 

Customized 3-Step Plan: Your dedicated skin fitness coach will craft a personalized Dermfit plan catered to your unique skin needs, goals, and lifestyle. 

Become a member (for $179/month) and receive these exclusive perks:

  • Quarterly HydraFacial ($900 value)
  • Monthly gift (~$720 value per year)
  • 20% off injectables
  • 10% off skin treatments and products
  • Waived Dermfit consultation fee ($100 value)
  • Gift a 1-hour Dermfit consult to a family member or friend ($100 value)
  • Access to members-only digital content filled with tips and tricks
  • Complimentary surgical consultation with Dr. Samaha ($200 value)

Commit to be Dermfit

We’re excited to embark on this journey to vibrant, confident aging with you. Let Dermfit be your trusted partner in achieving the skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Ready to start? Fill out the form below or call us at (617) 749-4008.

    Have more questions about our Skin Fitness Program? Reach out using the form above or check out the membership agreement for all the program details! We’re here to guide you every step of the way.