Getting to the right size takes a personal approach

This is what many patients consider to be the fun part of their breast augmentation process: choosing what size they want to be.

With all of the advancements in implant technology, we now have an unprecedented array of choices. Silicone gel and saline implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Dr. Samaha begins the implant sizing process by first concentrating on what you would like the end result to look like.

He then will help you narrow down your choices based on three major factors:

  • Your desired breast size after surgery
  • Your individual anatomy: height, weight, and chest width
  • Your current breast size, shape, and degree of symmetry

Choosing Breast Implant Size

During the consultation, we will first make sure to understand the size and shape that you would like to achieve. We then take measurements, which are used to guide the choice of implant type, shape and size. We make every effort to help our patients get a realistic idea of what they will look like after surgery. We incorporate personalized breast implant sizing to help our patients choose the ideal implant size.

Choosing Implant Shape

Breast implants are either round or teardrop-shaped. Round implants typically have a smooth textured shell and a cohesive gel filling that gives naturally, much like a natural breast. Teardrop-shaped silicone implants contain a firmer silicone gel, similar to the consistency of gummy bears, that is designed to hold its shape in any position.

When does Dr. Samaha prefer round implants and when does he prefer shaped?

With all the new shaped implant options available, you may wonder which implant makes the most sense for you. Dr. Samaha will recommend smooth round implants or teardrop-shaped implants depending on your goals and your anatomy.

Choosing Implant Profile

Round implants come in 3 different “profiles”, including a wide low-projecting implant (‘Moderate Profile’), a ‘High Profile’ implant with a narrow diameter, and an intermediate implant (‘Moderate Plus Profile’). The choice is made based on your desired outcome, tissue characteristics and natural breast dimensions.

Typically, patients with a smaller, narrower frame will choose higher-profile implants, because this allows them to achieve the desired breast size increase while making sure the base of the implant fits the chest wall. This helps to achieve a more natural result—the breasts are not too close together or far apart.