6 Signs of Successful Breast Enhancement

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Through clinical studies, plastic surgeons have identified several common benefits of breast surgery, which serve as markers of overall success. These six signs of success have a profound impact on a woman’s satisfaction and quality of life as it relates to breast surgery.

1. Satisfaction With Breast Shape and Appearance

Breast shape and appearance are clearly important factors in any cosmetic breast procedure (as well as breast reconstruction).  A youthful breast shape and more clothing options may become available after surgery. “I have really nice voluptuous, rounded, normal-sized perky breasts” said a patient in one study, “and I am sooo happy with them.”

2. Better Physical Well-Being

Through breast reduction, patients are relieved of back and neck pain, which means they can increase their activity level and thereby improve their health.

3. Better Psychological and Social Well-Being

Breast surgery can bring positive changes in self perception and positive experiences in social settings. Patients say they have increased confidence and feel as if they fit the perceived or expected norms of female body shape.

4. Better Sexual Well Being

When breast surgery helps to alleviate negative feelings about one’s appearance, a patient may have a better sex life as a result.

5.  Positive Experience in Surgery

When patients have a good relationship and rapport with their plastic surgeon, they are more satisfied with breast surgery.  Honesty and clear communication are keys to a good doctor-patient relationship. When this relationship is not a positive one, overall satisfaction drops.

6. General Satisfaction

Would you undergo breast surgery again? When patients are generally satisfied with the outcome, they will answer yes. “There is not one day that goes by that I am not so pleased that I did it,” said one breast augmentation patient.

Source: Satisfaction and quality of life in women who undergo breast surgery: A qualitative study

Photo by Sarah Reid