7 Smart Ways to Look & Feel Your Best in 2020

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It feels momentous to embark upon a new decade, and many of us have high hopes for being our best selves. One way to support all you do in your life is to look your best. (Optimal self-confidence elevates your energy levels and can help you feel ready to meet all the challenges you face.) Feeling your best is also key to making the most of each day.

We’ve gathered a list of top ideas for achieving both goals.

1) Find some time to be meditative each day.

Spending time in meditation every day can have a profound effect on your personal wellbeing. Indeed, some of the major benefits of meditation include lowering your stress levels, improving your focus, and even helping you sleep better at night. Don’t have time to sit on a bolster and enjoy quiet solitude? Look for other simple activities that can become meditations: for instance, clear your mind and focus on simply being present while doing the dishes or taking a walk.

Tip: If you’re like many who find they cannot “switch off” and get frustrated with meditation, don’t shy away from trying different methods. Guided meditation apps, like Simple Habit, can help you incorporate meditation into your day in a quick, convenient, and easy way.

2) Eat the Fab Four.

Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of personal wellbeing, but thanks to the last decade’s onslaught of “rules” about healthy eating, many people feel downright confused about what they should or shouldn’t eat.

The “Fab Four” is a flexible blueprint for healthy eating that doesn’t require you to avoid whole classes of foods.

That’s why we were glad to come across the Fab Four principle—it’s a flexible blueprint for healthy eating that doesn’t require you to avoid whole classes of foods. Eating Fab Four-style simply means incorporating protein, healthy fat, fiber, and greens into every meal.

3) Love your bod.

If you’re prone to beating yourself up about your body shape, consider ways that you can heal your thoughts and make changes. Looking for a good read on the subject? Respected author Don Miguel Ruiz—who has been recognized by Oprah, the US Air Force, and many others for his “Four Agreements”—offers helpful guidance on increasing self-love in his book, The Mastery of Love. Other ways to love your body might include booking regular massages, heading to a gentle yoga class, or simply running a hot bath after a hard day.

If you find yourself still fretting over a bulge here or there, cryolipolysis is the gentlest way to slim down. You’ve likely heard of CoolSculpting; it uses a precisely controlled temperature to break down fat cells and they then gradually disappear over time. In sum, it’s a very gentle way to adjust your body shape.

4) Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Are you prone to stressing over everything? Look for ways to find calm. You might try reducing your caffeine intake, spending more time with your pets, or having a go-to breathing exercise for when you feel your anxiety rising. It is likely our smartphones are also connected with increasing anxiety. Turn off phone notifications from apps, avoid use in the hour before bedtime, and limit email checks (whether once per hour or once per day, reduce to what is realistic for you).

If you literally sweat the small stuff, drenching shirts pre-date or interview, there’s now a medical solution for that. The completely non-surgical miraDry procedure can significantly decrease your under-arm sweating.

5) Try new skin tightening technology.

Some of us are ready to embrace every aspect of aging, but if you’re feeling too young to be dealing with loose skin, we’ve got good news for you. Non-surgical technology has significantly improved in recent years, particularly where scientists have found ways to combine options for a synergistic effect. Case in point: radiofrequency (RF), long-used for medical purposes, has been paired with microneedling for significant collagen-boosting effects. Our patients love how Vivace naturally improves their skin’s appearance without fillers or surgical lifting.

6) Discover a new form of physical fitness.

Don’t let your gym routine get stale: make 2020 a year for trying new things. The options are almost limitless. Find a yoga studio. Start going on long walks through your neighborhood. Join the local YMCA and try a spin class. Do something, anything, to keep your body active and your mind engaged.

The truth is, exercise isn’t just to keep your body healthy or help you fit better in your clothes—it also has substantial mental health benefits. Decreasing stress, depression, and anxiety while boosting your self-confidence is a formula for feeling all-around awesome.

7) Get a new haircut.

If you’re looking for a style refresh, start with the simple-yet-significant step of trying a new haircut. Less expensive (and less impactful to the environment) than a new wardrobe, a stylish cut can help you take a fresh look at yourself—or even turn to a new chapter in your life. Not sure which direction to go? Consult with a stylist at a great local Boston salon or get inspired by trending styles.

Don’t have a go-to stylist? Check out some of these top-rated salons in Boston to find your new hair BFF:

  • Schedule a blowout Enzo & Co. before a special occasion or simply to get a confidence-boost for everyday life.
  • Try out a new color to shake things up at Salon Eva Michelle.
  • Get a sharp new fade and beard groom at Seaport Barbers.
  • Update your look with a modern cut and style at Mario Russo.

If hair loss is making you dread the idea of a trip to the salon or barber, know that there have been some excellent medical advances in recent years. Hair transplant technology and topical products have both greatly improved.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas for making this your year to look and feel great. If we can be of assistance in boosting your confidence, whether with Boston CoolSculpting, hair transplants, or skin tightening, please contact our office for a consultation.

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