Breast Implant Disasters Offer Prospective Patients Helpful Tips

Posted on July 22, 2010 | by

A recent article in the Orange County Register offers prospective breast augmentation patients some interesting insights into botched boob job stories, suggesting that highly publicized incidences of “plastic surgery gone wrong” serve as cautionary tales for would-be breast augmentation patients and offer valuable tips for avoiding breast surgery nightmares.

Tip #1 – Buyer beware of deep discounts, unqualified surgeons

Enticed by the promise of deep discounts, mother of four Kenyatta Brown went to an Atlanta eye doctor for breast augmentation and nearly bled to death on the operating table during this relatively routine procedure.

Brown’s near-fatal experience serves as a reminder that when it comes to cosmetic surgery, you typically get what you pay for, so breast augmentation cost should be the last consideration when you are choosing a surgeon.

Additionally, it is important to note that state medical boards do not limit a licensed physician’s scope of practice based on training or credentials, so physicians with little or no experience performing breast augmentation are legally allowed to take up the practice at will to make a quick buck in the lucrative, cash-only cosmetic surgery business.

To avoid placing yourself in an unqualified surgeon’s hands, seek a Boston plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery with extensive training and experience performing breast augmentation.

Tip #2 – Set realistic goals and trust your surgeon

After U.S. regulations prevented 28-year-old Sheyla Hershey from undergoing surgery to further increase her already considerable 34FFF bust, she traveled to Brazil for breast enhancement and returned with a 38KKK bustline and a Brazilian award for having the world’s largest breast implants.

Texas plastic surgeons warned Hershey that the procedure was extremely high-risk and advised against it, and so it was unsurprising when Hershey developed a near-fatal staph infection that forced doctors to remove the gigantic implants.

Hershey’s story highlights the importance of setting realistic cosmetic goals, choosing a breast implant size that fits your frame and trusting the advice of ethical plastic surgeons who adhere to U.S. medical safety regulations.

Tip #3 – Consider complications in your breast augmentation budget

Nicola Stratton flew from the UK to Los Angeles to undergo 30 hours of cosmetic surgery for the British Extreme Makeover TV show with no idea that agreeing to free plastic surgery, especially so far from home, could prove costly for her.

However, when Stratton began experiencing complications with her saline breast implants, including capsular contracture and implant deflation, she quickly realized that it would be difficult for her to receive the follow up care and breast revision surgery she needed without the means to travel back to her surgeon in LA and pay additional hospital fees.

Stratton’s predicament illustrates that in addition to considering your breast augmentation surgeon’s training, credentials, experience and ethical standards, it is also important to consider proximity so that you are able to see your surgeon for follow up appointments and revision surgery should the need arise.  Additionally, budgeting additional funds should the need for additional surgery arise is often necessary and always wise.