Breasts By the Numbers

Posted on August 7, 2012 | by

Last week the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) released an info-graphic on their webpage and, according to the graphic, before the high tech solutions of today, women would use a variety of materials to augment their chests.

To achieve a more desirable figure women used ox cartilage, ivory, wood chips, and, more dangerously, glass balls. Today, 31 percent of women use pre-filled saline implants or saline implants that are filled during the time of the procedure. Most women who undergo breast augmentation procedures, 69 percent, opt for silicone implants.


Many women reported that their decision to have a breast procedure was motivated by a desire to look better naked, look better in their clothing, simply wanting larger breasts, the desire to feel more confident, feel better about themselves, or wanting to reduce their self-consciousness. While the reasons a woman chooses to have breast augmentation surgery varies from individual to individual, the average woman who undergoes the procedure is a married, mid-30s, with some post secondary education, and chooses a C cup implant size. The number of operations of this kind have risen by 213 percent in the last 14 years from 101,176 to 316,848 surgeries per year.


If you have ever wondered about the satisfaction and the effects after undergoing a breast augmentation operation, consider these statistics: 92 percent would recommend the procedure, 94 percent are happy about their decision, 82 percent said their self-confidence improved, 61 percent reported having sex more frequently, and 70 percent said their sex life is more satisfying after their operation.

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