How Much of Your Personal Identity Comes from Your Hair? Watch This Video to See for Yourself

Posted on May 5, 2017 | by

“It’s not a big deal!” “Just shave it all off.” “No one even notices.” If you have a receding hairline or are concerned about hair loss, chances are that a well-meaning loved one has uttered one (or all) of those phrases—and trying to explain to someone why the condition can be so devastating is difficult.

That’s because it’s hard to articulate just how much of an impact your hair (or lack thereof) can have on both your personal identity and your self-esteem. And that is why we love this video, which shows exactly how much your hair affects your overall look.

As you can see, a little extra hair on top makes this man look like an entirely different person—and we see transformations in both appearance and confidence just like this all the time.

The product in the video highlights some pretty impressive results, but it’s important to understand the realities of hairpiece products like this.

  • They’re short-lived. You have to remove, clean, and reapply the adhesive and hairpiece every few weeks—and replace the entire thing every 4-6 months.
  • They’re expensive. Depending on the brand and quality, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 – $3,000 per hairpiece, which can add up if you’re replacing them every few months (that could be up to $9,000+ per year).
  • They can be pretty delicate. While some boast the ability to style and cut like regular hair, many of these products aren’t very durable. Body acids can even degrade or damage them.
  • They’re uncomfortable. This varies by type of design and materials used, but imagine walking around with something glued to your head for two months. You may get used to it eventually, but it can be hot and unpleasant.
  • They can cause problems. While the adhesive used is marketed as safe, there are a few issues that can arise. Your scalp is blocked off while the piece is in place, so you can’t cleanse the natural buildup of skin cells, oil, debris, and shed hair from your scalp.
  • It’s not your hair!

Consider a long-lasting hair loss solution to help you look more like you

The good news is you do have other options for getting a fuller head of hair. At Boston Plastic Surgery, we’re proud to offer NeoGraft®, the first minimally invasive hair transplant system of its kind. Our patients love this system for its ability to comfortably, effectively, and safely transplant healthier, fuller hair from the back of your head to the areas that need it most. There’s no large incision or scar, the procedure is customized to your needs, and you will see natural hair growth improve over the course of three to six months.

Actual Boston Plastic Surgery NeoGraft patient*

While NeoGraft may require more commitment up front, you will likely pay less overall for this longer-lasting solution than products like the one showcased in the video.

It’s an investment in yourself…

And we would love to help you understand how it can help you. Contact Boson Plastic Surgery today to schedule your complimentary consultation.