Choosing The Right Doctor For Your Breast Augmentation

Posted on January 7, 2013 | by

One of the first and most important decisions you’ll make as a breast augmentation patient is who your surgeon will be. Finding an experienced, board certified surgeon is your best way to ensure optimal results.

To narrow your search you can start by going to patient review sites like Real Patient Ratings or, which are dedicated to plastic and cosmetic procedures.

In addition to the patient reviews, ensuring that your potential surgeon is associated with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is an easy way of getting the best and safest results from your breast augmentation. The ASPS offers a Find A Surgeon search tool on their website.

What An ASPS Member Surgeon Certification Means To Your Procedure

In order to be listed as an ASPS member surgeon a doctor must fulfill a number of criteria. Included in this criteria is the surgeon’s training.

A member surgeon has to have completed at least five years of surgical training and two years of training in plastic surgery.

Most importantly the surgeon has experience in all plastic surgery procedures, including procedures of the breast, face, body, and reconstructive.

ASPS member surgeons only do these procedures in accredited medical facilities and are also certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery before they can become member surgeons.

What To Ask Before Deciding On Who Your Surgeon Will Be

After narrowing your search online, it’s important to meet the potential surgeons in person and feel comfortable and confident in the surgeon you eventually choose.

Some things to ask your potential surgeon during your consultation may be:

  • Am I a good candidate for the procedure?
  • What can I do to help get the best result?
  • Are there any risks involved with the procedure that I should be made aware of?
  • How long is the recovery time for the procedure?
  • How long before I can resume physical activities and working?

Contact Dr. Fouad Samaha online, or at his Quincy, MA location to learn more about your breast augmentation options and what a difference a board certified doctor can make in your procedure.