Dr. Samaha Discusses Common Tummy Tuck Myths

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If you are burdened by stretched, loose skin on your abdomen, you might have considered a belly-sculpting tummy tuck (also known as abdominoplasty). Yet despite the procedure’s well-documented benefits, some of our patients second guess whether or not a tummy tuck is right for them due to myths they have heard.

Inspired by a recent article published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Samaha is discussing the common misconceptions about tummy tucks that he hears from patients. We hope this helps you weigh the pros and cons of abdominoplasty based on facts, not fiction!

Myth #1: Tummy tuck is a procedure that only women get

Yes, a tummy tuck sculpts your waist—but not every tummy tuck is performed to create a feminine hourglass figure. Tummy tuck is a key body contouring procedure for both men and women, and tummy tucks for men are increasingly common. Men often choose the procedure for post-weight loss body contouring or simply to help address a stubborn “gut” or “beer belly.” Men who choose abdominoplasty gain confidence and comfort from the removal of excess skin; for men who have diastasis recti, or stretched and separated abdominal muscles, the muscles are repaired to restore a strong abdominal foundation and alleviate associated symptoms.

Myth #2: You have to be a certain age to get a tummy tuck

Tummy tucks help adults of all ages in need of body contouring throughout the abdomen. There is not a specific age range that is designated as safe to undergo plastic surgery or a tummy tuck; as long as you are in optimal health and a good candidate for the specific surgery, then your age alone will not prevent you from getting a slimmer abdomen through abdominoplasty.

Myth #3: You don’t need a tummy tuck, just exercise and a healthy diet

Diet and exercise are powerful tools for reshaping your body by reducing fat and strengthening muscles—but diet and exercise simply do not address excess skin. A tummy tuck, or other surgical excision procedure, is the only way to remove sagging skin. Exercise also can not correct severe cases of abdominal muscle separation, also known as diastasis recti; this medical condition may even prevent you from comfortably exercising.

Myth #4: You can’t safely get pregnant after a tummy tuck

Getting pregnant after a tummy tuck is not ideal, as pregnancy will stretch your skin and muscles again, likely reversing the skin-tightening results of the procedure. But this issue is only cosmetic, and if you should become pregnant again after surgery, it is safe, whether or not you have been pregnant before your procedure. Your abdominal wall is designed to stretch during pregnancy, and will do so even after a tummy tuck.

Myth #5: The point of a tummy tuck is to give you a flat stomach

While the aesthetic perks of a tummy tuck are an important part of the procedure, many patients elect to undergo a tummy tuck for non-aesthetic reasons. A tummy tuck can solve hygiene issues associated with loose skin, like rashes or skin infections; it also repairs stretched and separated abdominal muscles after pregnancy or significant weight gain, thereby lessening back pain issues.

Myth #6: Tummy tuck is a weight loss procedure

It is a misconception that tummy tuck is a weight loss procedure. Bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, is intended to help patients shed excess pounds, while a tummy tuck is performed to tighten the abdominal wall and remove loose skin. (This makes it a helpful procedure, however, for patients who have already lost significant weight, whether or not from bariatric surgery.) While some patients may indeed find that they feel more empowered on their weight loss journey after a tummy tuck, an abdominoplasty is not a weight loss surgery.

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We hope sorting out these tummy tuck myths and facts have helped you achieve a greater understanding of the procedure’s benefits. Looking for an expertly-performed tummy tuck in Boston? Having served men and women in the Boston area for over 20 years, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Fouad Samaha is well-prepared to help you improve your shape. To learn what a tummy tuck and related procedures may do for you, schedule your consultation today by calling 617.786.7600 or contacting our practice online.

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