When can I wear makeup after a CoolPeel treatment? We answer your top CoolPeel questions

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Woman getting a CoolPeel treatment at a Boston med spa

Unlike traditional CO2 laser skin treatments that are associated with considerable downtime and discomfort, CoolPeel laser treatments only target the superficial layer of your skin. As such, a CoolPeel is able to remove dull, damaged skin cells and boost collagen production to reveal more youthful skin without requiring extended recovery or social downtime. Curious to know more? Here, our Boston medical aesthetician and experienced laser technician Kathy Antonowicz answers some frequently asked CoolPeel questions.

How is CoolPeel different from other laser treatments?

CoolPeel features an advanced Tetra CO2 laser that delivers short pulses of light to rejuvenate the skin—in contrast, other ablative laser treatments use more intense heat that may cause thermal damage to the skin and require significant downtime. Thankfully, CoolPeel is just as effective as other popular laser peels with these key advantages:

  • Minimal downtime (as little as 1 day)
  • Safe for nearly all skin types
  • Comfortable treatment experience (topical numbing cream is usually not needed)
  • Short treatment duration (5-10 minutes for a full face treatment)
  • Unique pulse shape design technology for personalized treatment options
  • Compliments other non-surgical treatments (our Boston radiofrequency microneedling patients love the synergistic results they can get by adding a CoolPeel!)
  • Treats a range of concerns including sun damage, pigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles

The beauty world has noticed these many advantages: CoolPeel’s unique technology and laser skin resurfacing benefits have been featured in several publications, including an article in Haute Beauty.

Who would benefit from a CoolPeel over traditional laser treatments?

CoolPeel treatments are ideal for patients who desire significant skin improvements but don’t want to commit to the 2-3 weeks of downtime that is typically required with harsher laser skin treatments. Because of CoolPeel’s gentle yet highly-effective technology, patients can instead use a series of treatments to achieve dramatic skin improvements without disrupting their normal routines with extended social downtime.

We recommend 2-3 CoolPeel treatments to see optimal laser skin rejuvenation.

Does CoolPeel combine well with any other procedures?

Yes—to see faster, more noticeable skin resurfacing results, many patients combine CoolPeel with RF microneedling in Boston. Vivace™ RF Microneedling offers traditional microneedling benefits with the skin-tightening technology of radiofrequency and LED light therapy to dramatically improve your skin’s health and appearance.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for a CoolPeel treatment?

Yes—you must avoid retinols, exfoliants, and salicylic acid for at least 1 week before your CoolPeel treatment or as directed by your aesthetician. Additionally, Accutane users should discontinue use of this medication for a minimum of 6 months before a CoolPeel treatment. We also recommend wearing sunscreen and avoiding any prolonged sun exposure for 4 weeks prior to treatment: this will ensure your skin is in optimal condition for CoolPeel’s resurfacing benefits.

What happens after CoolPeel treatment?

After a CoolPeel treatment, you can immediately drive home and resume many activities—but you will need to follow important aftercare instructions to protect and support your skin.

Do I need to stay out of the sun after a CoolPeel treatment?

Yes, you should avoid all sun exposure for at least 48 hours after a CoolPeel treatment. This is critical as exposing your skin to the sun too soon could cause complications. Following the first few days of complete sun avoidance, it’s important to make a habit of always wearing sunscreen of SPF30 or greater, reapplying as directed when outdoors or active. (The more you protect your skin going forward, the longer you’ll enjoy your results!)

When can I wear makeup after a CoolPeel treatment?

After a CoolPeel, your skin will be extra sensitive, so it’s best to give your skin a few days before applying makeup. Make sure, as well, that your makeup and applicators are fresh and thus not harboring excess bacteria.

When can I resume using skincare products after CoolPeel?

Before the 1-week mark, a gentle cleanser can be used twice daily, followed by a moisturizer: keeping the skin hydrated is key to reducing itchiness and supporting the dead skin cell sloughing process. Just be sure to confirm with your aesthetician that the products you have are gentle enough for this stage! After about 1 week, most patients can resume their normal skincare regimen.

Do I need to avoid retinoids or exfoliants after a CoolPeel treatment?

Depending on the level of CoolPeel you receive, we ask patients to avoid retinols, exfoliants, and salicylic acid containing products for at least one week following treatment; after a deeper treatment, you may be advised to wait a while longer before slowly incorporating these ingredients back into your routine. You may also be asked to continue avoiding certain medications and other topical products until healing is complete.

CoolPeel aftercare tips summary:

  • Avoid makeup and sun exposure for a minimum of 48 hours after treatment
  • Wash skin with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser using your fingertips or a soft cloth (no brushes, loofahs, or ultrasonic cleaners for 4 weeks)
  • Check with your aesthetician before resuming use of skin care products
  • After the first few days, use sunscreen of SPF30 or greater to protect your skin
  • Do not pick at skin flakes or small pimples to avoid possible scarring
  • Avoid waxing any part of the treatment area for 4 weeks

How do I pick the best CoolPeel provider?

An ideal CoolPeel provider will:

  • Be highly-experienced with laser skin rejuvenation as well as in CoolPeel’s specific technology
  • Evaluate your skin to ensure CoolPeel is the best treatment to safely achieve your goals
  • Review your medical history to ensure CoolPeel treatments are safe for you
  • Be able to prove they have safely delivered results for other patients like you
  • Advise you on before and aftercare instructions for CoolPeel treatments for optimal laser skin resurfacing results
  • Offer additional options such as RF microneedling for synergistic results

CoolPeel laser skin rejuvenation at Boston Plastic Surgery

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