Curious About Your Risk of Wrinkles?

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New research is giving credit to an old saying—a recent study found that if you want to know what you will look like later in life, you really should check out your mother. Dermatology company Galderma recently surveyed 1,000 mother and daughter pairs about facial aging and how it can be passed down by generation.

Some key findings: she gets it from her momma

67% percent of the daughters surveyed claimed to worry about aging, while 82% of mothers hoped that the facial aging process will be easier for their daughters than it was for them. But, as 90% of mothers and 88% of daughters also reported that the expectation to look younger for longer is higher today, aging gracefully is likely to demand more effort than it did in the past.

Galderma also found that 81% of mothers would support their daughter’s decision to pursue in-office anti-aging treatments with a physician or aesthetician working under MD supervision. Often, when someone is considering anti-aging medicine or a cosmetic procedure, they worry about what their loved ones will think. This study shows that most mothers are supportive, but they may not have the opportunity to say so. In fact, 77% of the daughters and 88% of the mothers reported that they would be interested in natural-looking anti-aging results achieved through professional treatments.

The benefits of open communication about aging

What if you knew someone with intimate knowledge about how your aging process would progress? Well, you just might! If you want to know what to expect from your skin as you age, your mother likely has a pretty good idea, and she may even have some tips on how to slow the process or best take care of your skin.

Because mothers and daughters tend to have similar skeletal and cellular makeup, talking to each other about the aging process can be very helpful—yet very few of the mother-daughter pairs surveyed said they had these conversations. So, along with their findings, Galderma developed a way to encourage mothers and daughters to talk about taking care of their skin. Mom Genes™ is a campaign that aims to foster conversation about how genes affect aging.

Valuable insight for targeted treatment

We agree that looking at both mom and dad can be a great help in understanding your anti-aging treatment needs. When you have a clear picture of how your face and skin may age, you and your skincare team have the opportunity to truly tailor preventive treatments to specific concerns.

As a way to celebrate the bond between mothers and daughters, the Mom Genes campaign is encouraging women to post personal recreations of their favorite photos of their moms. For every photo posted, Galderma will donate $5 to the National Charity League—and you’ll be entered to win a trip to NYC. Not only that, your photo recreation will be a great thing to share with your doctor or aesthetician.

We love the idea of having a healthy conversation with your mom about facial aging; you may even find you want to combat the aging process together. If you’re in Boston, we invite you to contact us to schedule a personalized mother & daughter consultation and skin evaluation with our highly trained medical aestheticians. We would love to help you both honor your genes by enhancing the things you love and improving the things you don’t.

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