Have an Antiperspirant Sensitivity? You Have Options!

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Sweating is not very appealing, and no one wants to walk around not smelling their best. But what about those who are sensitive to the chemicals in antiperspirants and deodorant products? For most people, regular deodorants (without antiperspirant properties) just don’t cut it, and the natural alternatives just aren’t as effective.

Why Am I So Sensitive to Antiperspirants?

While many can regularly and safely use antiperspirants, a number of people experience uncomfortable side effects. This is likely caused by some of the chemical ingredients common in antiperspirants, including:

  • Aluminum, which can prompt irritation, redness, and even pain for those with a sensitivity.
  • Parabens, which can cause an allergic reaction, leading to discomfort, bumps, and swelling.
  • Fragrance, which can lead to rashes and irritation for those who have sensitive skin, particularly after shaving the area.


The thin, delicate skin of the armpit is naturally more susceptible to irritation and infection, and introducing these ingredients can lead to trouble for some.

Antiperspirant Health Concerns

While studies are still inconclusive, there have been some concerns about the impact of aluminum and parabens on general health. Aluminum has been shown to increase the risk for Alzheimer’s Disease, though studies have not empirically shown whether or not underarm application can impact this risk.

Similarly, parabens have been frequently linked with breast cancer risk, though there has been no strong evidence that antiperspirants will lead to breast cancer. Still, parabens have properties similar to estrogen, leading many to worry about overexposure.

A Safe, Effective, & Permanent Antiperspirant Alternative

If you are sensitive to antiperspirants—or simply would prefer not to put chemicals or fragrances on your skin—you may want to consider MiraDry®. This nonsurgical, noninvasive procedure targets sweat and odor glands with heat-based energy, permanently eliminating them and providing up to an 80% decrease of sweating and odor in the armpit.

After treatment with MiraDry, you’ll notice an immediate reduction in sweat, and most patients are satisfied after just one treatment. Still not convinced? Consider the benefits:

    • No more chemicals on your skin
    • No more battling irritation and discomfort in your armpit
    • No more sweat-stained clothing
    • No more embarrassing sweat or odor

If you’re interested in learning more about this exciting procedure, give us a call! We would love to walk you through your options and answer any questions you may have.

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