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facts about bra fit and function

Most women can relate to the feeling of extreme relief that comes from taking your bra off at the end of the day. Bras are notoriously difficult, but there are some solutions to the all-too-common battle of the bra. The Huffington Post recently sat down with top bra experts and put together some of their best advice for getting the most out of your brassiere; we’ve highlighted a few of the most interesting facts (check out the article for the rest!).

Work Your Way from Outside to Inside

Most bras have three sets of hooks in the back—and contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t wear them in just any position depending on your mood. Those clasps exist for a reason.

When you are bra shopping, make sure the bra fits optimally and snugly when adjusted to the outermost hooks. The bra will stretch out over time from normal wear and tear, at which point you will adjust to the next clasps in and get a little more life out of the bra. Once the band wears out and you’re wearing the innermost hooks loosely, it’s time to get a new bra.

The “Scoop & Swoop” will help your breasts feel supported while emphasizing your contours.

“Scoop & Swoop”

Did you know that how you put on and adjust your bra will make a big difference in how it fits and looks? To get the perfect fit, put on your bra and lean forward, then use your hands to “scoop” the breast tissue near your armpit and underneath the underwire, and “swoop” it back into the cup of the bra. This will help your breasts feel supported while emphasizing your contours.

Your breasts change regularly

Throughout life, the size of your breasts (and, thus, your bra size) can change. Weight gain or loss, hormonal changes, stress, and pregnancy can all have an impact. Additionally, many women experience some degree of breast asymmetry, which can also necessitate a bra upgrade.

With that in mind, experts recommend focusing on the fit of a bra rather than the size. If something doesn’t feel right, it may be time to schedule a professional bra fitting. For those who’ve recently gone through a life change or had a breast enhancement surgery such as breast augmentation, treat yourself to a new bra to make sure you feel comfortable and confident.

We often hear from our breast surgery patients just how hard it is to find a bra that fits comfortably while flattering your form; we hope this information helps you in your quest for a great fit!

Read the full article to find out more interesting facts about your bra!

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