Is There Still Time to Have CoolSculpting for Swimsuit Season?

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So, are you reading this because you got your summer wardrobe out of the closet, tried on your favorite two-piece, and panicked a little? It happens to the best of us. Perhaps you’re dealing with a little extra fluff from winter, or that stubborn belly bulge is still there despite taking advantage of your gym membership.

Regardless, you may be considering getting CoolSculpting to help you reduce a stubborn fat deposit or two pronto—and without surgery or downtime. Indeed, CoolSculpting can get great results, but like any fat reduction method, it takes time for results to reach their best.

The good news is that you do still have time to enjoy the benefits of CoolSculpting this summer if you come in for treatment in the next few weeks. Let’s talk a little about the timing so you can better understand how CoolSculpting works.

When will I see results after CoolSculpting?

The short answer: most patients start to notice a reduction in a treated area about 4 weeks after a CoolSculpting session. Their clothes will fit a little better, and the area will look and feel firmer. The biggest improvements take place between 4 and 12 weeks after CoolSculpting, as your body processes and eliminates more of the fat. In general, we consider CoolSculpting results to be “final” about 3 months after treatment.

Now, let’s talk about why it takes a couple of months for CoolSculpting results to finalize.

CoolSculpting works using a technology called cryolipolysis that chills fatty tissue through the skin until the fat cell membranes break down and that fat cell ceases to be. With each CoolSculpting treatment, up to 20% of the fat cells in an area are destroyed. This happens almost immediately, but the destroyed cells (and the fat contained within them) hang around for a little while as they wait for special cells called “macrophages,” which are essentially your body’s clean up crew, to come through and clean them out.

Your body recognizes the destroyed fat cells as waste and then sends a team of macrophages to steadily scoop up the dead fat cells, carry them away, and move them to where you eliminate them naturally. This process can take a little while, but once the fat has left your body, it is gone. The fat cells will not grow back–and if you maintain your weight along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, your results from CoolSculpting can last for many years.

What’s so cool is that you can start enjoying your CoolSculpting results well before they’re final

Because there are no incisions or surgery, there usually isn’t any downtime with CoolSculpting. This means that you can come in for treatment and then return to your regular, active lifestyle right away. As you’re busy living, your body is busy getting rid of the fat destroyed by CoolSculpting. So, even if you have your first summer trip planned in June, you could still come in for treatment and not worry about taking time off for recovery.

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