Liposuction: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on January 4, 2010 | by

Q: What is the best type of liposuction?

A: While the operator is always the most important factor, several new liposuction platforms have been introduced in recent years. There is no best method because each platform has particular benefits. For example, water assisted liposuction is great for removing a large volume of fat, while VASER ultrasonic liposuction is great for precise body contouring.

Q: Why do I keep hearing about new liposuction methods?

A: Plastic and cosmetic surgeons are trying to set themselves apart with more effective liposuction methods. You might hear about “reduced downtime” or “reduced trauma to surrounding tissues” in the marketing for these procedures; just know that any proven liposuction technique will utilize the same basic tools as the standard tumescent liposuction technique.

Q: Can I get liposuction anywhere on my body? What is the most common area to treat?

A: Many people aren’t aware that liposuction can be done on so many areas of the body. While the abdomen and thighs are probably most common, you can also get liposuction below your chin or even on the ankles.

Q: What type of doctor is most qualified to perform liposuction?

A: See a board-certified plastic surgeon for your liposuction.

Q: Is liposuction “minimally-invasive” like some of the advertising says?

A: The techniques have improved over time, making recovery quicker and incisions smaller, but liposuction is still cosmetic surgery. It’s not like getting a quick Botox injection.