Lost in Boston: Rediscover Your City with These 5 Underrated Things to Do in Boston

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Living in a city that tourists love as much as locals, many of Boston’s most popular spots have become geared towards visitors and are oftentimes crowded, especially when the weather’s nice.

The good news is that there are many activities in this thriving city that don’t get as much publicity. Here are a few of our favorite things to do in Boston, including some secret spots locals like you are certain to love.

1. Snap an Instagram-worthy photo

Boston is a beautiful city with plenty of spots to take great photographs. But we have some personal favorites that most people haven’t heard of, like getting a selfie with Keytar Bear. This beloved busking bear not only puts on a great keytar show (while in bear costume), but he is incredibly friendly. Snap a pic with him and be sure to give him a good tip.


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While there is plenty of art and history in and around Boston, we have a place to check out that is out of this world, the Mapparium. Within the Mary Baker Eddy Library, you’ll find a spectacular, three story stained glass globe. The inside has a long glass walkway that allows for a variety of backdrop options.

2. Go shopping, Bostonian-style

In the market for some new sneakers? How about a really cool story about a weird little shop in the heart of Boston? Even if you don’t plan to shop, this place is worth a visit. Bodega is an odd shoe store located behind a fake Snapple machine within a deli. Enough said.


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If you’re wanting to feel like you’re in a different city altogether, try Boston’s famous Chinatown. You’ll find some of the best restaurants and most curious sights in Boston! From authentic dim sum to unique shopping experiences, this area of town can help you enjoy a Boston staycation while feeling like you traveled to the other side of the world.

3. Get creative

Looking to find a little artistic inspiration? This town is thriving with artisans and you can participate. If you’ve got an idea you want to take from dreams to reality, try laser cutting at danger!awesome. Whether it’s a new wallet, wallhanging, or sculpture, they can take almost any idea you have and make it come to life.


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If you want to try something more hands on, support your local creatives at Artisan’s Asylum. This non-profit organization offers all sorts of classes from woodworking to jewelry making.

4. Go to a less crowded museum

Living in Boston, the American Revolution can start to get old. To try something new, head to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Built in 1906, the architecture alone is worth a look but this unique museum also offers botanical gardens, carefully curated art exhibitions, music, and contemporary art.


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Looking for a quick afternoon trip and not a full day tour? Try the Modern Renaissance Museum. The entire building is a work of art, and there’s artistic paint touches on almost every wall you’ll see.

5. Try some locals hot spots

There are plenty of secret local hangouts in Boston—and one of our favorites involves taking in a Red Sox game from the Bleacher Bar. This is the closest you can get to the game: it’s in Fenway Park just a few feet away from the Ted Williams Red Seat. With a huge garage window overlooking the field, you’ll need to get there early on game days…but we also like it on quiet afternoons.


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Not a fan of baseball? We have a suggestion that supports your local growers: Haymarket. Located on the Freedom Trail, this farmers’ market is a unique experience in the heart of one of the most visited areas of Boston. Open Friday and Saturdays, it’s the best place to grab an abundance of seasonal produce before a day of exploration.

We’ll close with saying we simply love our hometown of Boston, and we’re always finding new ways to enjoy our city. Cheers!

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