Press Release: NewBeauty Magazine Features Boston Plastic Surgery

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Since Dr. Fouad Samaha launched his solo practice, Boston Plastic Surgery, in 1993, the ability to creatively conceive solutions to simple or complex surgical situations continues to excite the surgeon who performs surgeries in his on-site surgical center and in local area hospitals. Though he once considered entering psychiatry, how people relate to themselves and those around them is never far from Dr. Samaha’s own mind when working with a patient. That personal connection is vital to the doctor-patient relationship. Patients feel that emotional bond during consultations, and will comment on it in follow-up surveys. Cosmetic surgery is like psychiatry. It helps make people feel better, more in line with who they see themselves being. This is especially true with patients undergoing body contouring, advanced liposuction and abdominoplasty, or even breast augmentation, or face or eye lifts. In fact, perfecting someone’s tummy is different from improving their facial appearance. If they admire how they view themselves, then others will see that beauty as well. Their own inner view of themselves changes. It’s from the inside out, not outside in, he says. Helping patients achieve that inner beauty: That’s one of the most rewarding aspects of my work. Dr. Fouad Samaha continues to be amazed with the possibilities of plastic surgery. Much like when he entered plastic surgery as his first rotation back in medical school, the way a skilled surgeon’s gentle, learned touch can change a patient’s body, and life, remains a striking reality he experiences daily.

For a growing number of women, BODY CONTOURING AND ABDOMINOPLASTY are both sought-after procedures. So Dr. Samaha often combines them into a single procedure. By incorporating high lateral ten sion abdominoplasty with VASER LIPOSUCTION, patients achieve dramatic results. Using the Vaser, more fat can be removed safely and with less discomfort. Therefore, the doctor is able to treat patients who other-wise would be challenging cases for traditional body contouring. With larger patients, the procedures might be performed in stages. Dr. Samaha would rather treat patients when their weight is stable, not after a crash diet, thereby providing a more realistic outcome without concern of a return of the lost weight. When combined further with other procedures, like body, breast or torso lifts, results can be even more impressive. We’ve been coming up with some really beautiful results, which has made us busier and busier.

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