VASER Lipo Featured on CBS’ The Doctors

Posted on April 6, 2011 | by

VASER liposuction was recently featured on the CBS talk show The Doctors, which recently fielded a question from actor Blair Underwood, best known for his roles on L.A. Law and The Event. Underwood is turning 47 this year and seems to be worried about the future prospects for his 6-pack.

“I am good right now with the 6-pack,” Underwood says, “but I hear there’s a plastic surgery you can do to work out the 6-packs when I am older. If there’s a plastic surgery for a man, let the brother know. I would like to sport it!”

The doctors told Underwood about the ultra-precise VASER Liposelection process, or as co-host Dr. Drew Ordon describes it, “super-charged lipo.”

“It not only sucks out the fat, but it first melts those fat cells… loosens them up so you’re allowed to remove more fat cells evenly, and less discomfort and less bleeding and you see how that works? You remove the fat cells and the skin has a natural ability to shrink down.”

Ordon goes on to explain that the VASER process can actually be used to accentuate a six-pack:

“We do what we call etching; we turn the instrument up, we bring it more superficial, to the skin, and actually etch out a six-pack.”

“Are they fake six-pack lines?” asks host Dr. Travis Stork incredulously. “Are you basically drawing them in?”

“I have a picture to show you,” replies Ordon. “This isn’t a pure six-pack but look where he started.” By working out after a VASER lipo procedure, patients can take advantage of the benefits of the procedure to improve the appearance of their abs even further.