What is LED Phototherapy? (Plus 5 Ways It Can Maximize Your Cosmetic Treatment Results)

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The NeoLTS® Light Therapy System can amp up filler treatments, boost hair growth, reduce inflammatory acne, reduce wrinkles, and more.

What can minimize fine lines, lighten dark spots, promote healthy hair growth, dramatically reduce acne…and is red, white, or blue all over?

The answer is, the NeoLTS® Light Therapy System! We’re excited to offer it here at Boston Plastic Surgery, both as a stand-alone skin rejuvenation treatment and an add-on to boost the results of our other skin wellness treatments. Since you’ve probably not heard of NeoLTS before, we’d like to tell you all about it now.

What is NeoLTS?

NeoLTS is an LED phototherapy system that can help treat a number of common skin concerns, from fine lines and wrinkles to sun damage to inflammatory acne. It works by shining specific wavelengths of light—Blue (420nm), Red (633nm), and Near-Infrared (880nm) through the skin via a grid of LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs.

LED light can help your skin in a few ways:

  • Reduces wrinkles & signs of aging. Your skin cells have receptors that absorb particles of energy (a.k.a. photons) from specific light wavelengths and use it to rebuild collagen and elastin, thus helping to firm and tone skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • Effectively treats inflammatory acne. Certain red and blue light wavelengths can destroy acne-causing bacteria on the skin, helping to reduce breakouts.
  • Minimizes dark spots and hyperpigmentation. LED phototherapy using red and near-infrared light can help stimulate cell regeneration to reverse visible effects of sun damage.
  • Promotes healthy scalp hair growth. The positive effects of LED on cell growth and regeneration can also help stimulate healthy hair growth to slow age-related hair loss.
  • Encourages faster healing after surgery. Studies have shown that red light LED therapy safely promotes faster wound healing after surgery and laser procedures.

Perhaps the best part about LED, and NeoLTS in particular, is that we can combine all three wavelengths to target your specific skin concerns in a quick, painless, non-invasive treatment with zero downtime.

How does a NeoLTS treatment work?

We can perform NeoLTS as a stand-alone treatment for acne and to non-invasively address skin concerns. However, in our experience, NeoLTS really shines when used in tandem with other skincare and injectable treatments to boost the results. For example:

  • Botox & filler injections + NeoLTS: minimize deeper expression lines and facial folds with injectables; improve surface-level fine lines and skin texture with NeoLTS
  • HydraFacial + NeoLTS: deeply cleanse, calm, and condition acne-prone skin with HydraFacial; neutralize bacteria and further quell outbreaks with NeoLTS
  • Eyelid lift surgery + NeoLTS: rejuvenate sagging eyelids with an eyelid lift; enjoy your results faster and boost skin texture with NeoLTS
  • NeoGraft® hair transplants + NeoLTS: restore your natural hairline with NeoGraft; boost hair growth further with NeoLTS

These are just a few possibilities with NeoLTS phototherapy—because it is safe for all skin types and 100% non-invasive, we can easily add NeoLTS on to almost any skincare or facial rejuvenation treatment.

Interested to learn more? Ask us about NeoLTS as your personal consultation, or call us at 617-786-7600.

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