Mommy Makeover Part II: Liposuction & Tummy Tucks

Posted on November 1, 2013 | by

In last month’s blog I discussed how nine months of pregnancy can affect a woman’s body. This month, I want to discuss the procedures involved to get your body back to looking how it was pre-baby.

Although most moms might desire some extra lift in the chest, the first cosmetic concern moms voice to me, after giving birth, is the abdominal bulge around their belly. Weight gain is always a factor in pregnancy, and although you will lose a good amount of it after having your child – and all throughout breast-feeding – you may still be reminded of the few extra pounds every time you look down.

When it comes to removing excess fat, no other plastic surgery procedure works quite as well as liposuction. Typically performed together, liposuction and a tummy tuck will help contour and smooth the overall look of your mid-section.

Lipo For Moms

Moms everywhere seek out liposuction to rid themselves of the excess belly fat that won’t seem to go away with diet and exercise. But what’s even more exciting is that liposuction can also be used to tone other areas of the body – the face, hips, and thighs to mention a few. Once you have undergone a liposuction procedure, and as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the fat should not return.

Tummy Tucks After Tots

But sometimes excess “fat” isn’t the issue with new moms – it’s the unwanted skin and tissue that has been stretched out from nine months of pregnancy. If your skin lacks the elasticity to tighten up to the slimmer figure it once was, a tummy tuck may be the answer you’re looking for. While liposuction helps contour your shape into a more pleasing silhouette, a tummy tuck actually literally removes and “tucks” away the hanging skin and tissue around your belly, providing you with a smoother frame.

The Must-Haves

Whether you decide to just have liposuction, just a tummy tuck, or both, body contouring is a must-have when it comes to any mommy makeover.

Minimizing curves in the mid-section is important, but what about putting other curves back into the all the right areas. Next month, I’ll focus on how I am helping moms feel and look sexier once they regain a flat tummy.