Why It’s Better to Get a Face Lift Sooner Than Later

Posted on August 7, 2013 | by

It happens to everyone. As we age, parts of our face begin to droop and sag. For many people, the face lift is the go-to method for addressing the multiple signs of aging. However, with all the alternatives like Botox and dermal fillers out there, it is hard to know when it is the right time for a face lift. Here are some reasons why starting early can benefit you.

Reason #1: Your face will heal much better and quicker. Typically with any cosmetic surgery procedure, you will have an easier recovery time at a younger age. The younger you are, the quicker your body is able to heal itself.

Reason #2: The cost of the procedure can be lessened because there will not be as many areas to address in the beginning. By starting at a younger age, you can avoid the additional surgeries that may be necessary if you were to wait until later.

Reason #3: Starting early can preserve the structure of your face and dramatically slow down the aging process. The face lift has been used by some as a preventative measure before the signs of aging set in.

Reason #4: When you start a younger age, the muscles and tissues in your face can help by acting as a support mechanism. Your face may lack this extra support later down the road.

Is Now the Right Time?

If you feel that it may be time for a face lift, it is a good idea to sit down and have a discussion with your board certified plastic surgeon. With various options available to you, together you can develop the proper treatment to achieve the ideal look that you want.